Publicerad: 2024-04-26

Interview with the organising committee for the PT&D Graduate Programme at AstraZeneca, Sweden, in association to the fundraiser event for Alzheimerfonden

How come you chose Alzheimerfonden for this good cause charity run?

Many people all over the world are affected by Alzheimer's disease or other forms of dementia and even more people have a close one being affected. We decided to choose Alzheimerfonden because we want to raise awareness and crucial funds for their important work. We also believe that the research focused work of Alzheimerfonden will resonate with the employees of AstraZeneca and the neighboring life science companies, striving to give the best care to patients. The donations collected during the event directly go to Alzheimerfonden, making a difference in the lives of individuals and families impacted by Alzheimer' disease.



What entity of AstraZeneca do you represent?

We are part of one of AstraZeneca's largest Research & Development (R&D) site, which is located here in Gothenburg. Around 3000 people work here to push the boundaries of science to deliver life changing medicine. It is a very vibrant site and events such as the Charity run make it an even greater place to work! The participants of the event are all employees of AstraZeneca or of one of our neighboring companies, using their personal resources and time, running together to raise funds for Alzheimer's research.

How have you planned for this great charity run and who are your great colleagues?

We are a team of 8 people organizing the event, but we are support by several people within AstraZeneca. We started planning the event in January and it was a lot of fun to organize this event as a team not only because of the good cause, but it also represents a great learning opportunity and responsibility for us.

What is your role in AstraZeneca?

Me and the rest of the organizing committee are in an early talent program here at AstraZeneca called PT&D Graduate Program. Over the time of 2 years, we do three different 8 months rotations in a department called Pharmaceutical Technology & Development (PT&D) where we as graduate scientists support the design and development of innovative products and manufacturing processes.

How does it feel to hand over the check to Alzheimerfonden with this amazing fundraising amount of 70 000 SEK!

We are proud that we have been able to collect this sum together with our colleagues and it feels great to support Alzheimerfonden in the fight against Alzheimer's disease. Working together to meet the unmet needs of patients is what AstraZeneca stands for and we are proud that this event shows once again what we can achieve together.

Thank you to all the employees of AstraZeneca who participated in this event and thank you to everyone at Alzheimerfonden involved in the event!

We at Alzheimerfonden wrap up the interview by thanking the organising committee for the PT&D Graduate Programme for this very fine initiative. It has been a truly amazing fundraiser that will make a difference for us in supporting the important research to fight Alzheimer’s disease.